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Certified Life Coach,

BA in Psychology

I'm Britni, the face behind BB! Reminding other women of their power is my love language! I don't believe in coincidences- I believe we are guided. So welcome!


I stand for all the women in the world who are releasing what no longer serves them so they can welcome in what's next, choosing themselves in a world that constantly tells them not to, step into their next level, break generational curses, take back their power, love themselves fiercely and create a beautiful life they desire.


When I was younger, I thought my life was over. I lost both of my parents by age 18, struggled with addiction and didn't see a way out of my inner pain at the time. What I now know is everything I went through is for a greater purpose. I truly believe and experience that every single thing that happens in our life is actually for us, to support us in some way into being who we are destined to be.

BB is a safe space where I guide women back to the one place that matters, which is home AKA themselves. Owning Your Bigness is about tapping into your inner power, loving yourself wholeheartedly (all parts), having your own back and creating a life you desire.


I love you too much to allow you to play small.


It’s time to get curious, to see the only limits you have are the ones you put on yourself and that you being you is medicine to the world.


It’s your time. Your year to go out there and get everything you came from. Going from limited to liberated. You are capable. I believe in you, and I am in your corner.


PS. There is nobody better to be than who you were called to be. So, OWN THAT!



In 2006, I lost my father in a tragic accident. In 2007, I lost my mother to a battle she had been fighting her whole life. I was numb, scared, hurt, alone and heartbroken. I was a zombie walking, I couldn't connect. 

I dove into alcohol and drugs to escape. I attempted to end my life in December 2007 by an overdose. 

Fortunately, God had better plans for me. Even though I didn't agree or understand then, I do today.


From 2007-2013, I had a heartbeat, but I wasn't living. I was a walking zombie.

I had no passion, no love, no drive, no power, couldn't open up, didn't want to feel. 

(So, I thought at this time).


I had no idea what to even do with myself after losing the most important people in my life and I was so mad for being left here. I questioned everything. And back then, I was the toxic person, I was undeserving, I was the bad guy, I was the victim, etc.

Now today I see this was part of a plan way bigger than me and what I was about to unleash, I would have never known.

October 11th 2013. The last time I picked up a drink.


I threw myself into AA at this time, listened and did the work I was told to do. I knew right then, I was made for more, much more. Something was up but I couldn't fully grasp it at that time. And I wasn't stopping until I figured out why I was here, what my purpose was. I'm truly grateful for listening to that nudge.


My spiritual journey had begun. Each year, each obstacle, each heartbreak, each breakthrough, new opportunities, new lessons, new love, new ways to show up. I was stepping more and more into my power. The smoke was disappearing and a fire within me continued to grow. The more I turned within, the bigger it grew. 


I wanted a reason to exist and I kept searching for it in relationships, jobs, cars, friends, moving, you name it. I was looking for me, out there.


But nothing was ever enough. Nothing made me feel whole. For so long, I thought I wasn't worthy of anything. I thought something was wrong with me.


I Was Wrong

I had always been enough.

I had always been worthy.

I just got lost along the way. I was looking in all the wrong places. I had to forgive myself because that's all I knew then. But I know better now!

MY truth was found WITHIN.

This is where it's always been and always will be.


Nothing or nobody dictates our worth. You cannot add or subtract your worth. You have the maximum amount of worth. Now, then and always.

I had to get out of my own way, I was keeping myself small. I was robbing myself of a beautiful life.

I don't want anyone to ever feel how I once felt. There is music in us that we need to share with the world. We need to get up and dance.

Today, I live a life, I could never think was possible and I'm so grateful to be alive.

Put your hand on your heart. You feel that?

That's every reason to do this work. To re-connect to your worth and power that's been inside you all along and walk in your truth with confidence. It's time to Own Your Bigness, to understand that you being you is medicine to the world. To follow your heart and trust those inner nudges because you are meant for more.

Everyone can tell you how you should be or what you should do. The truth is, only you know what's best for you. It's time you stop looking for approval in everything and everyone else and go within to see that's where the truth lies.

I have been to rock bottom so many times and I was sick of ending up there. I told myself, "Britni life is going continue to happen, but it does not need to take you out every time." This right here is when I truly hit a next level. I built a strong foundation for myself and continue to elevate in all areas of my life. I use my past as an asset VS a liability. I know pain is my portal because the only way out is through. And I want to share these tools with you, for you to apply and do what's effective for you!

If it was possible for me,

I know it's possible for you.


Are You Ready ?


It's time for you to shine.


No more abandoning or shrinking yourself.


No more playing small.


It’s time to Own Your Bigness!



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