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A Virtual Community For Women

Have you been searching for your tribe?? (ME TOO.)


Are you looking for other women who are healing from their past by taking back their power, choosing love + compassion over shame + guilt, outside of the box thinkers, who are doing the uncomfortable work that will help them create the life they desire. Women who are putting their joy, peace and wellbeing first. Women who are choosing to use their past as an ASSET vs. a liability.

Then I invite you to keep reading....


 Own Your Bigness is a community of women who are out here going against the grain, healing generational trauma saying this crap stops here (whoa, takes a certain kind of woman, rooting for you), who have their backs no matter what and choosing a better life for themselves every day.

This work is not easy. So, you out here doing the damn thing is HUGE. Celebrate TF outta you!

I know I am. Because if it was easy, everyone would be doing it right?

That says a lot about YOU! PS. It may not be easy but always worth it.


Here at OYB we are raw, vulnerable, got grit, honest with love and hype one another up!

We are different yet so alike and we love that about one another.

Deep in our hearts we are connected, we honor one another's process and root for one another.


I've created a community because I know we are not supposed to do life alone.

I know in a community that offers safe space is where REAL magic happens!

If this feels like a HELL YES for you, then I'd say you've found your sisters.


The Portal To Expansion Is Here!


Monthly Membership Includes: 


A community unlike any other. A private Facebook group filled with other incredible

women where you will feel seen, heard, supported and loved. NO JUDGMENT ZONE!


2 LIVE Group Coaching Calls a month VIA zoom

*BIG Talk Topics

*Open Group Coaching


Tools + resources to add to your toolbox: take what works for you and leave what doesn’t.


Weekly Coaching in community: Sharing wins + celebrating one another, check ins,

setting intentions, breakthroughs, offering support, journaling prompts.

Image by Bernard Hermant

The tools & prompts are so key for me.

I love the coaching and the new community! The tools & prompts are so

key for me. I utilize these each week to make improvements and it’s paying off. I can hear you inside my head reminding me I’m a badass and deserve this.

- Jess M.


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