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We are no longer abandoning ourselves.

No more playing small. No more diluting ourselves. No more shrinking ourselves to fit in when we were born to stand out!

You are here for a reason. A purpose. You have a message to deliver. And no one can bring it to life but you.

You are destined for greatness! Every desire in your heart you deserve and only you can give it to yourself.

You are capable and powerful beyond measure. Everything that you need is already within you.


It's your time, to show up for you, to rediscover your worth. to walk in your power with confidence and find your purpose. Take up space and go after every desire in that beautiful heart of yours!

You have a choice right here, right now..


To stay where you are..

Or trust and go within..


I look forward to connecting and being your guide back home to that one place that matters.. YOU!


1:1 Coaching

This is for the woman who has a desire for more. This safe space is created for the woman who knows she's meant for BIG things but finds herself abandoning herself, constantly questioning and doubting her worth and can’t seem to get out of her own way. She wants to do this inner work, to deepen her journey in personal development with the intention to create a beautiful life. It’s not work that you were taught growing up or in school. She is here because she is ready to let go of what no longer serves her, to step into her power and create a life that makes her feel alive! This journey she is ready to embark on is for her own inner healing, where she will take back her power by taking back responsibility, love herself fiercely (all parts) and live out her heart's desires.

I also know it isn’t easy - when you start to go + create from within (vertically) and the external (horizontally) wants so badly to grab your attention, to throw you off course, so you can continue to be controlled by an outside source. The outside world can get real noisy and opinionated just like those old programs doing whatever they can do to hope you choose them, that you go back to what’s “normal + safe”. Because remember your brain isn’t designed to help you create the life you desire, to thrive, it’s designed to keep you safe. You’ve been running off your old programs and belief systems for how long?! Exactly. It takes time, consistency, repetition, a whole lotta love and compassion. Then MIX it with awareness, knowledge, mind and body connection, feeling safe with active action steps and BOOM! Watch out for what’s about to take place.

I applaud you. Hands down, choosing you in a world that tells you not to - is the most loving thing you could do for yourself, and the world. And look at you going against the norm and instead choosing to trust your inner nudge, your heart and say, “I choose me!” OUUFFF!! What a powerful place to be. Hold on, because magic happens here.

Are you ready?! I know I am.

Speaking Engagements & Workshops

Sharing pieces of my message to connect, to remind women of their power and inspire them to follow their heart and live for them. If you are looking to bring a party to your place filled with awareness, connection, power, self love, compassion and transformation then look no further, I got you!








Own Your Bigness Virtual Community 

Own Your Bigness is a safe space for women who are seeking their tribe, who want to show up differently, into doing inner work, who are craving connection + community. It’s for the women who are ready to love themselves fiercely and transform their world. Here at OYB we are raw, vulnerable, honest with love and hype one another up!


I created this community because I know we are not supposed to do life alone. I know in a community that offers safe space is where REAL magic happens!


  • A Member-Only Facebook Community for women like no other.

  • A place where you will feel seen, heard, supported and loved.

  • 2 LIVE group coaching calls a month.

  • Tools, resources and other goodies to support your personal development.

  • Pop up virtual Dance Parties

  • A place to sharing wins + breakthroughs and set intentions

PRICE: $44/month

Boldly Sober,
Next Level Living

A FREE virtual community on a private Facebook group for women in long term recovery.


I created this group because it’s been on my heart to create a community for women in long term sobriety. I have been sober for 10 years now, it has given me a second chance at living and I want to connect with more women in this community. To be another avenue, another resource for women to reconnect and go back home. Where we can stay connected, share resources and build a community - where we are BOLDLY SOBER! Cheers to next-level living ! 


Are You Ready?

Let's Do It Together.

It's time for you to find your fire and take up space!

No more shrinking yourself or making yourself small

  • Can I buy a single session to work with you?
    Nope. I used to do this but what I’ve realized is that yes one call can absolutely be life changing. But this work that we do takes time, consistency and repetition. I want you to build a strong foundation, for you to give yourself time to fully step into all that you are learning, to implement and embody it so you can live the beautiful life you desire.
  • What’s the difference between coaching and therapy?
    Great question! I’ve learned that therapy brings you to baseline and Life coaching takes you to your next level - nowadays there are definitely therapists who do deeper work as well! Therapy has helped me work through some really heavy stuff, to have a safe space to vent and allow things to move and flow. Therapists and counselors can also treat mental health diagnosis conditions. Life Coaching has continued to deepen and strengthen my relationship with myself, show me tools that have changed my life, supported me to take active actions steps in creating the life I truly want and reconnect me to my power, truth and magic within. If you are feeling how I once felt like you did therapy and it was great or maybe you even want to do this along therapy because you need, you want, you crave something MORE. Maybe you don't know exactly what that "more" is, but you know it's about doing something different. Because the life you want to create is calling you. You know deep down there is something greater, there is something that you just can't explain yet, but you are ready to trust that inner nudge. This is where I welcome you to explore Life Coaching.⚡️
  • Do you take insurance?
    No. I am not a mental health therapist or counselor. I am a Certified Life Coach who is able to work with women all over the world. I have my BA in psychology and at one point I wanted to become a therapist, but an Inner Power Coach was my calling. Where I can share my story fully expressed and connect in such meaningful ways to me that I can’t even put into words. Coaching is my JAM, my purpose, I absolutely love it and I am great at what I do! I do offer payment plans. All my services are private pay.
  • Will this work for me?
    Yes it will. If you show up for yourself, for the sessions and do the work - it will. It's all up to you!!! At one point, I was here too. My old beliefs, stories and programs told me this wasn’t possible. Against all odds here I am baby - rewriting my story, hitting ‘em with plot twists and having my own back. Let’s get on a call and talk more about this. Let’s get curious. Talk about it some more. Put all the options on the table and then you get to decide what’s best for you!
  • Who is my coaching for?
    The woman who has a desire for more!!!
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